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A best in class BDC ? No different then salespeople selling a car and handing the client to finance, except this hand off is to your service advisor, a profit center indeed. The average dealership receives 300-500 calls a day, each an opportunity to capture revenue. How are your opportunities being handled?

70% of your customers want to do business on the phone. The connected consumer demands a BDC process that empowers the staff to drive revenue and efficiencies higher.

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  • Is your team just “passing out information” and answering questions or are they skilled in the “power of persuasion” and have a strategy that allows them to convert “opportunities” into appointments?
  • Internet Mystery Shop based on speed and content. We’ll show you a detailed evaluation of how your Internet / Sales BDC is handling fresh website internet inquiries.
  • Key Performance Indicators. We’ll examine how your tracking these crucial metrics and how your team’s performance compares to Blueprint’s standards.
  • Pay Plans. Do you have a pay plan that drives performance?
  • Sales CRM. A deep drive into your CRM will help us determine your follow up processes and your ability to turn leads into appointments.
  • More than 40 key metrics measured.


The price of a poor hiring decision can cost a company up to $50,000* according to a study conducted CareerBuilder.com and in extreme case could run up to 1.5 times their annual salary according to a study conducted by another top recruiting firm.   Our research has shown us the number one reason Sales and Service BDCs could have a high turn-over rate, is because the hiring manager has not been properly trained to effectively weed-out less than perfect matches and how to properly drill down to the core strengths and cultural fit of the candidate in front of them.

The second reason that dealership management has a lower success rate is due to TIME, they simply do not have the time to conduct a thorough screening of sometimes hundreds of candidates in order to find that diamond in the rough.   Over the years we’ve sat in and observed hundreds of interviews being conducted by dealership management and found that more than 75% of the time, the hiring manager is ill-equipped with the essential tools and skills to uncover the “hidden defects” of the candidate. At Blueprint, we have developed a proprietary, rigid 7 Step Process to assess the key personality traits and qualifications that characterize a star-player on the BDC team. Our ability to attract qualified candidates and successfully onboard 1000’s of dealership employees. Knowing all of the facts and the true cost of making the wrong decision, can you really afford not to hire Blueprint?


Building accountability skills is the cornerstone of any BDC. CallRater delivers efficiencies in BDC accountability. Do you want to find out how your BDC is performing on inbound phone calls?  Blueprint’s CallRater is the only telephone grading and call coaching software that provides custom built scorecards with user defined questions. We grade your team on these questions and supply your staff secure access to review their own graded performance.  Conduct coaching sessions with your agents and receive Hot Alerts when a phone call is mishandled.  CallRater is the most effective way to measure telephone performance to ensure your BDC is staying on task and capitalizing on thousands of “opportunities to do business” calls.


CallTracker™ is a simple, affordable way to record your inbound phone calls.

Create an even service drive and flow?
$299/month – includes 500 free minutes
100% call capture on assigned tracking numbers. 0.06 cents per minute over the first 500 free minutes.
2 tracking phone numbers included (local or toll-free)
Additional tracking phone numbers: $5 per month per number